The Next Debate: Paul vs. Perry headline: “The debate: Paul wins, Bachmann wins, Perry heads for the OK Corral.” Writes Brent Budowsky:

“First, Ron Paul: The great political opportunity for Paul is to be the clear and only anti-war candidate, at a time when war is highly unpopular. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with the policy, just suggesting that Ron Paul helped himself big time championing the anti-war position.”

Ron’s son, Sen. Rand Paul demonstrated with his recent budget proposal that it is practically impossible to actually reduce spending and balance the budget without addressing Pentagon spending. Senators Jim DeMint and Mike Lee agreed with Sen. Paul and eagerly signed on.

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Paul Lashes Out at Fellow Texan Perry


Ron Paul poses for a photo at Wednesday's campaign event in Mason City, Iowa. (Fox News Photo/Jake Gibson)

Ron Paul poses for a photo at Wednesday’s campaign event in Mason City, Iowa. (Fox News Photo/Jake Gibson)

At a townhall style meeting in Mason City Iowa, Fox News Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron asked Texas Rep. Ron Paul about fellow Lonestar Republican Rick Perry’s potential entrance into the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

The three-time presidential candidate blasted the Texas governor as few Republicans ever have.

Perry vs. Paul

Texas may have two well-known candidates running for president, but some say they are diametrically opposed to one another. The real battle between them isn’t over money or endorsements. It’s over ideas.