Steve King Once Again “Don’t underestimate Ron Paul”


Ron Paul Slides into Top Tier – Wins Debate by Telling Iowans — and America — the Truth

AMES, IOWA – August 11, 2011 – Thomas Woods – Once again, Ron Paul distinguished himself in a Republican presidential debate by telling Americans the truth, answering the questions he was asked, and refusing to treat his countrymen like ten-year-olds who should be spoken to in bumper-sticker slogans.

On the economy, everyone talked about lower taxes, cutting spending, and a balanced budget – the usual boilerplate. Only Ron Paul sought to explain why we have recessions in the first place. Only Ron Paul mentioned the critical role of the Federal Reserve System in blowing up the bubbles that have popped in America over the past decade. Only Ron Paul explained that the monetary system we have, whereby money can be created out of thin air whenever the political class wants it, is a recipe for the very kind of disaster we are living through right now.


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Who won the 2011 Iowa Republican Presidential Debate? MAP! :)

Ron Paul Endorsed by Three Story County GOP Chairmen

LAKE JACKSON, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign announced today that Dr. Paul has received the endorsement of former Story County Republican Party Chairman Heath Hill.

“If you want to preserve your community, preserve your liberties and reverse the tide of the ever-growing, ever in debt, and ever-intrusive Federal Government, please stand with me this Saturday at the Ames Straw Poll in support of Congressman Ron Paul for President in 2012”

The endorsement is the third Story County Republican Party chair endorsement of Dr. Paul’s 2012 campaign.

Current Story County GOP Chairman Cory Adams endorsed Dr. Paul on July 25th and A.J. Spiker—who served as Story County GOP chair after Mr. Hill and before Mr. Adams—serves as Iowa Vice-Chair of the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign. The endorsement of Mr. Spiker, who is also a State Central Committee Member of the Republican Party of Iowa, took place de facto as he assumed the role of Iowa vice-chair on April 26th, when Dr. Paul announced the formation of an exploratory committee to assess his options for the 2012 presidential campaign.

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Ron and Rand Paul blaze a campaign trail through Iowa

GOP presidential candidate and his son U.S. Sen. Rand Paul are blazing a campaign trail through Iowa.

They talked with potential voters in Mason City and Waterloo earlier today. The duo will appear in Cedar Rapids at 3 p.m. and make a 7 p.m. stop in Des Moines.


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Rand, Ron Paul blast government spending

CEDAR RAPIDS – Like a chip off the block, Sen. Rand Paul echoed his father’s warnings that the nation is approaching a financial tipping point.

“Remember the good old days when we measured our deficit in billions and not trillions,” Paul said in Cedar Rapids Aug. 10 as his introduced his father, 2012 Republican presidential hopeful U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.

With the nation spending $100,000 per second and borrowing $40,000 a second, the Kentucky senator warned the nation may be “rapidly approaching a time we may not be able to pay our bills.”

His father, who Rand Paul described as “one congressman who has been standing up for the taxpayer all along,” offers the best plan for changing the financial course of the nation and asked the audience of about 100 people to support his candidate-father in the Iowa GOP Straw Poll Aug. 13 in Ames.

Paul Lashes Out at Fellow Texan Perry


Ron Paul poses for a photo at Wednesday's campaign event in Mason City, Iowa. (Fox News Photo/Jake Gibson)

Ron Paul poses for a photo at Wednesday’s campaign event in Mason City, Iowa. (Fox News Photo/Jake Gibson)

At a townhall style meeting in Mason City Iowa, Fox News Chief Political Correspondent Carl Cameron asked Texas Rep. Ron Paul about fellow Lonestar Republican Rick Perry’s potential entrance into the race for the GOP presidential nomination.

The three-time presidential candidate blasted the Texas governor as few Republicans ever have.