Rand, Ron Paul blast government spending

CEDAR RAPIDS – Like a chip off the block, Sen. Rand Paul echoed his father’s warnings that the nation is approaching a financial tipping point.

“Remember the good old days when we measured our deficit in billions and not trillions,” Paul said in Cedar Rapids Aug. 10 as his introduced his father, 2012 Republican presidential hopeful U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.

With the nation spending $100,000 per second and borrowing $40,000 a second, the Kentucky senator warned the nation may be “rapidly approaching a time we may not be able to pay our bills.”

His father, who Rand Paul described as “one congressman who has been standing up for the taxpayer all along,” offers the best plan for changing the financial course of the nation and asked the audience of about 100 people to support his candidate-father in the Iowa GOP Straw Poll Aug. 13 in Ames.


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